Internet Security

Renew Arkansas installs, configures, and manages internet security devices for customers all around Arkansas.

For years, we have helped manage and set up family and friends’ internet security at home, since it is something we love to do. Ben even sits on the board of a liaison program with the FBI here in Arkansas.

Through years of professional industry experience, we’ve realized most families aren’t protecting themselves digitally — they will typically take the steps to protect themselves from physical threats, while essentially letting anyone and everyone into their home digitally.

Not only for ourselves, but also as parents of young kids, we are increasingly alarmed at the number and nature of digital threats out there. Renew Arkansas goes way above and beyond typical Parental Controls and their capacities, while also protecting against the more typical threats such as viruses, identity theft, spyware, etc.

Using the latest and greatest Network Security tools, we can monitor & manage your home network for you.  We can prevent threats like hackers, phishing, malicious websites, and pornography from stepping foot inside your digital door.

See the picture below for some of the threats we’ve blocked for our customers.

Internet Threats-2