Energy Assessments

Get a Renew Arkansas Energy Assessment!  

$79.99 for our detailed assessment with recommendations and quotes for remediation!

Other assessments will provide recommendations and then leave you to fix everything yourself.  We stay with you through the entire process.  We help fix every problem uncovered! Our services range from plumbing new tankless water heaters, to blowing insulation into attic crawl spaces, LED lighting updates, energy star appliance installations, and more. We are Arkansas’ one-stop shop for updating your home for energy efficiency.

So, what is an Energy Assessment?  

A home energy assessment or audit helps you pinpoint where your house is losing energy.  Reasons for energy loss can be heat/cold leakage, poor insulation, poor venting, inefficient lighting,  appliances, and more.

We’ll also monitor your electricity usage for 30 days and report back where your electricity is going and the steps you can take to reduce your electricity bill.

In practically every house in America, money is being wasted on energy consumption. That’s because the average electricity spend per year is $1,368.36 per year, and 35% of the power used is actually wasted.

This is neither good for your bank account or the environment.