939 June Dr.
Springdale, AR 72762

AR Contractor's License # 0385130220

Quote Number QUO-1022
Quote Date December 28, 2018
Total $1,535.92
Lisa Murena

15514 Huron St.
Howard Beach, NY 11414


Security Camera Installation for Lisa Murena:


  • 1 Doorbell (Video & Motion Sensing)
    • This will replace existing doorbell for downstairs apartment
    • Upstairs apartment will keep intercom, but have access to ring app
  • 1 Floodlight Over Front Porch (Video & Motion Sensing)
    • This will be a new wired floodlight
  • 2 Floodlights Covering Side Alley (Video & Motion Sensing)
    • These floodlights will take the place of the existing floodlights
  • 2 Indoor Chimes (1 for upstairs & 1 for downstairs)
    • These indoor chimes will alert when cameras detect motion
  • Setup and Walk-through of Ring App
    • Sensitivity Settings
    • Schedule Settings
    • Motion Zone Settings






Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Ring Doorbell 2

Next-gen Video Doorbell with enhanced video resolution and quick-release battery. 1080p Camera

3 Ring Floodlight Camera w/ Mount

Hardwired security camera with ultra-bright LED floodlights and siren. 1080p Camera

2 Ring Chime

Connect Chime to all of your Ring doorbells and cameras to get Ring notifications anywhere in your home.

1 Ring Monthly Fee

Renew Arkansas does not charge a monthly fee. Ring Charges a Monthly Fee to store event video history. Ring.com fees are $3/month - $30/year or $10/month - $100/year. If you want to view prior events and videos, you must purchase this feature through the Ring app after your 30 day trial has expired.

1 Home Security 4 Hour Installation Window

Security Camera Installation

1 Home Security Installation Misc Materials

Electrical Wire, Junction Boxes, Ties, etc

1 Installation Walk-Through

Walk-Through and Tutorial on All Installed Equipment and Apps. Including: Power, Care and Maintenance, Upgrades, Application Usage and Features

1 Home Security Printout

"Cheat Sheet" with helpful tips and tricks for Home Security Apps and Operation

Sub Total $1,525.92
Tax $10.00
Total $1,535.92

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