• It literally makes you money! — Apart from the customer fees, it is possible to never pay for electricity again! In addition to cutting your bill, you actually generate more than you use during seasons such as Fall that don’t require as much energy use.  This results in a credit from the electric company for all the energy you did not use! The federal government has also realized the immense benefits of solar electricity and thus encourages its use via a sizable tax credit.
    • It helps your neighbors — If you’re part of an electrical co-op, you share the cost of electricity so when we generate enough Solar, it will drive down the cost of buying electricity for the entire community
    • Solar electricity helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint — each month, you plant the equivalent of up to 150 trees through the amount of solar electricity save from being generated.

Please see our Benefits page for an even more in-depth view of the many advantages of Solar Electricity.